Dec 042011

Here is the rhetorical knock-down punch, the ultima ratio, of the Forced Birther.

“What if your mother had chosen to abort you?”

Good for me that I have a reply ready.

“I regret that she didn’t.”

By the values inculcated in me by that same mother, it would be rotten of me to savor the look of confusion and disgust such a retort would occasion, but I cannot guarantee that I would not do so.


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  One Response to “A reason why I might be a bad person”

  1. Ah yes, they really think they have the argument that will bowl us all over when they say that… in fact, some even compare us with slave drivers (slaves didn’t want to be slaves, and no one wants to be aborted either), as absurd as that is (maybe there should be a Godwin’s law for comparing people with slave drivers!). Of course, we antinatalists have the perfect reply, as you point out.

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